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  • 100 Unit Pressing
  • Random color vinyl
  • Black poly-lined sleeve
  • Remastered for Vinyl
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  • In stock on March 20, 2020

 A true fan favorite, with the band’s third album, Rock, Stock & Barrel axeman extraordinaire, Dennis Cameron and co. bring everything together in a dynamic and mesmerizing fashion. Remember when every teen-ager was sitting on their parents couch watching MTV at least 20 hours a day? We would see those Telsa, Mr, Big, and Tora Tora videos and think “I wish Christian bands had cool videos and were that good!” Then in the summer of ‘91 Intense Records unleashed the Hot Metal IV Video with an all-star line-up and the hit song “Cover Me” from Rock, Stock & Barrel. That video encapsulated everything young rockers could ever want from their band - the look, the video, the hooks, and most importantly, elite talent! Three generations of rockers are still paying attention and asking for the Girder Records treatment of this special release!  For that reason, Girder is making this top-shelf album available on vinyl for the very first time, ever.  180 Gram, Random Color Vinyl limited to just 200 copies world-wide. Let the guitar wizardry of Dennis Cameron and the perfect-for-hard rock vocals of Drew Baca draw you in again, just like old times. This time will be better than ever. We promise!

Dennis is prolific on this release with guitar solo after guitar solo. This is melodic AOR at its best.  Starting off with THE FIRE INSIDE, Dennis rips through solo after solo. This is melodic full of anthems and then the real magic begins when the 3rd song drops.  COVER ME is probably Angelica at it's best. Acoustic, powerful and wonderfully creative with just the right punch.  If you haven't heard this album you are in for a big surprise.  It kicks down the door and just keeps going song after song.  With Drew Bacca on vocals this thing just rocks.  

Sure Angelica's debut was a masterpiece however 3 albums in they seem to click on all cylinders.  It's masterful, wonderful and beautiful but also a real rocker with great production.  Their songwriting got better with time and although the constant change of vocalist plaque the band, what they did have was Dennis Cameron who was the mastermind behind every song and one of the greatest guitarist to ever grace Christian rock. 

Dennis inked a deal with Frontline’s new imprint label Intense Records and Angelica was born but not before speaking with Michael Bloodgood about the possibilities of joining Bloodgood. Dennis signed a 5 album record deal with Intense but the last album was never recorded and a ‘Greatest Hits’ was released in its place, Dennis was then released from his contract. Angelica released 4 albums in all. ‘ANGELICA’ (self-titled debut) was released in 1989, ‘WALKIN' IN FAITH’ in 1990, ‘ROCK STOCK & BARREL’ in 1991 and ‘TIME IS ALL IT TAKES’ in 1992. This release along with the other remastered albums marks the 30th anniversary of the debut release.

The Fire Inside 4:23
Someone To Believe In Me 4:46
Cover Me 4:54
Home Sweet Heaven 4:55
A Little Love 3:57
Sail Away 4:11
Keep Pushin’ On 4:46
Bumble Boob Groove 1:52
Rhyme & Reason 3:52
Without Words 4:26
Oh Canada 1:46

      What is Limited Run Vinyl?

      Limited Run Vinyl is short run vinyl that are limited to just 100 or 200 copies and will never be repressed. All Limited Run Vinyl are pressed in a cool random color. They are all 180 Gram, poly-lined black inner sleeves, completely remastered for vinyl and come with RipStream.  How do you know if your vinyl is a Limited Run Vinyl? Just look for the Limited Run Vinyl logo on the back.

       Each pressing is limited to just 100 or 200 copies max never to be re-pressed again.  They are 180 Gram and come with a high quality black poly-lined sleeve as well as a free RipStream digital download. These are truly limited and will run out fast. You'll want to get in on these early. Some of these will sell out within 24-48 hours.

      Eco-Mix is a specialty random colored vinyl. They could be ANY color, as well as mixed or swirled. We do not know what color they will turn out to be. The mock you see here is from a previous eco-mix pressing. They are environmentally safe and ridiculously cool.

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      When music is remastered for vinyl it simply means that we are not trying to make it as loud as possible. Quite the opposite. We are allowing these releases to breathe and have the dynamics that were intended on the original recordings. We enhance the sound with more modern EQ techniques and letting the music speak. 

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