Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (CD *2008) Oz Fox / Tim Gaines STRYPER

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Artist: SinDizzy
Title: He’s Not Dead
Release Date: 11/28/08
Format: CD (Jewel Case)
MSRP: $16.98
Catalog #: GR1003
UPC: 845121001778

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Just off the heels of platinum rock artist STRYPER, came SinDizzy. Formed in May 1994 after Stryper disbanded, by guitarist Oz Fox along with former band mate Tim Gaines. SinDizzy released their self-produced, debut album on October 10. 1998. It sold well among the Christian metal fans, especially Stryper fans. However, only limited copies of the debut were ever made and sold. Now more than 10 years later, SinDizzy "He's Not Dead" has been digitally remastered and repackaged in this very special limited, second edition, complete with new enhanced artwork, Liner notes, historical band photos and more.

In the 80's when metal ruled, bands like Stryper found huge success, however with the ever changing times of the 90's, metal was being replaced by Seattle based grunge music. In an effort to remain with the times, SinDizzy moved forward to capture the sound of the 90's without completely abandoning what brought these 2 former members such great success.Strange rhythm patterns and dark tones reminiscent of even the early '70's, mixed with exotic melodies and aggressive attitudes of the '90's brought mysterious feelings of satisfaction to the four talents. In time, audiences big and small began to understand those same feelings. "The only way to understand SinDizzy music is to experience it", quotes singer Oz Fox, whose style offers a bold and intense delivery of lyrics that reveals a bold Christian stance. The range is so broad between players that it brings a unique vibe to the music", states Bobby MacNeil, the Musicians Institute graduate and solo surfin' master.

The band has played in several festivals in the United States. Notorious among these was a Summer Rock Festival in Puerto Rico, where former front man of Stryper, Michael Sweet, joined SinDizzy on stage in front of 11,000 and performed several Stryper hit songs.

In a world searching for goodness and justice, SinDizzy reflects the best of artist that serve Christ unashamed with passion that's second to none.