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  • Features Rob Rock and Dennis Cameron
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell

Angelica was one of those 80's cult releases that brought in fans from all over the globe and the brainchild of guitarist extraordinaire, Dennis Cameron. Their self titled debut is the only one to feature the voice of melodic metal, Rob Rock (Impelliteri) on all but the last track, sung by Ken Tamplin (Shout). It full of incredible guitar hooks, melodies and just pure high-quality rockers. Rob Rock, if you've never followed him is one of the greatest metal vocalist of our time. 

Angelica was release in 1989 under Intense Records and recently remastered and released by us on CD but never released on vinyl in the United States. Only a small quantity was released in Europe.

So why did Rob Rock sing on an Angelica album?  While in the pre-production stage of making this album Ken Tamplin (vocal producer) pushed original lead singer (Andy) so hard that he fried his vocal.  Ken had suggested two replacements, Bob Carlisle or Rob Rock (Driver/Impellitteri). Rob Rock was chosen as he best suited the music style. At the time of recording, Rob was in the process of rehearsing/recording with Driver while doing the session work for Angelica. Not withholding, Rob would assume his best Iron Maiden pose in the vocal booth and tackle each session as if it were his own. 
Angelica finished their album in perfect form and went on to become a cult classic in Christian Rock.  With Dennis at the helm ripping through guitar solos and Ken Tamplin standing by as Rob Rock did his magic, it’s no wonder that Angelica went on to become one of the greatest AOR Hard Rock/Metal classic on the day. 


  1. There's Only One Hero        
  2. Are You Satisfied      
  3. I Believe        
  4. Danger Zone 
  5. Shine On Me 
  6. Only A Man   
  7. One Step At A Time  
  8. Will I Ever Learn      
  9. Take Me        
  10. Ahh!   
  11. S.O.S.
  12. Face To Face