Angelica - The Demo Sessions (New-CD) *2019

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  • The Angelica Demo is previously unreleased demos.
  • RELEASE DATE June 2019


The Demo Sessions is the original demo recordings with Andy Lyon, the original lead singer of Angelica. These 9 songs were recorded before Dennis Cameron landed his 5 album record deal with Intense Records. The first 5 Songs (Demo One) were presented to the label. The last 4 (Demo Two) was their second demo that the label requested, giving them enough for a full album. The songs here are in the same order as found on the two original demo cassette tapes. S.O.S. has an incredible “Amazing Grace” guitar addition at the end. The Song “One Step” was later changed to “One Step at a Time” and “Statisfied” was later changed to “Are You Satisfied”. Angelica’s debut album went on to become one of of Christian Rock’s greatest classics and was recorded with Rob Rock (Joshua, ) at vocals.

Dennis Cameron searched high and low for the original Angelica demo cassettes. After locating them, he was able to dust off his old gear and get them back to a place of being remastered. Once he was able to transfer the files, he then remastered them moving up the volume creating a masterpiece of almost long lost history. The songs here are in the same order as found on the original demo cassette tapes which differ from the debut Angelica album. The arrangements on songs like S.O.S. are also a bit different.

Angelica’s debut album was recorded with the vocals of Rob Rock (Joshua, Impellitteri), however this is the demo contains Andy Lyon, the original lead singer. These 9 songs were recorded before they landed their deal with Frontline records.

Dennis Cameron became a Christian in February of 1987 while on a tour with the band Masquerade. Dennis, at his mother's request, had packed his bible even though he wasn’t a committed Christian at the time despite being raised in a Christian family.

One night during the tour after some serious binging, the loneliness and pointlessness of where he had found himself in his life began to set in and Dennis called out to Jesus (while in his hotel room) and asked Him into his heart.

About a year later Dennis met Andy Lyon while running sound for Andy's cover band. As their friendship developed Andy decided to accept Jesus into his own life and became a Christian. Andy and Dennis began to write music and put together a 5 song demo that included “Shine on Me”, “Will I Ever Learn”, “Take Me”, “Only a Man” and “S.O.S”, songs that Dennis had started working on since leaving Masquerade. While writing and recording, Dennis met Christy Arnold who ran a fanzine called “Take a Stand” and she supplied Dennis with contact information for a few labels including Intense Records and Frontline Records. At that time Intense and Frontline were 2 different record labels. Ironically, Frontline would go on to purchase Intense. Dennis pitched his 5 song demo to both companies and immediately received an offer from Intense as well as began a dialog with Frontline Records who had asked to hear more songs.

The songs you see on the second Demo “One Step” (later changed to One Step at a Time), “I Believe”, “Satisfied” (later changed to Are You Satisfied) and “Danger Zone” were recorded after the label asked Dennis if he had enough for a full album. So the photo of the tapes you see here in the CD pamphlet are the actual 2 demo-recordings cassettes that are included on THE DEMO SESSIONS CD. "There’s Only One Hero" was recorded much earlier on a demo that was never used to shop to record labels and is not included here on THE DEMO SESSIONS. However, it was one of the very first Angelica songs written by Dennis after he became a Christian. There’s a funny story that about the influence to the music of "There's Only One Hero". Dennis’s mother asked him “Can you write something that doesn’t have all that "Chug-Chug-Chug” on the guitar so Dennis wrote the music for this song with that in mind. Going back into the studio Dennis finished a second 4 Song Demo that included the songs, “One Step at a Time, I Believe, Satisfied and Danger Zone” and now had 9 songs to present to Frontline. Dennis inked a deal with Frontline’s new imprint label Intense Records and Angelica was born but not before speaking with Michael Bloodgood about the possibilities of joining Bloodgood. Dennis signed a 5 album record deal with Intense but the last album was never recorded and a ‘Greatest Hits’ was released in its place, Dennis was then released from his contract. Angelica released 4 albums in all. ‘ANGELICA’ (self-titled debut) was released in 1989, ‘WALKIN' IN FAITH’ in 1990, ‘ROCK STOCK & BARREL’ in 1991 and ‘TIME IS ALL IT TAKES’ in 1992. This release along with the other remastered albums marks the 30th anniversary of the debut release.


    1. Shine On Me
    2. Will I Ever Learn
    3. Take Me
    4. Only A Man
    5. SOS - Amazing Grace
      1. One Step
      2. I Believe
      3. Satisfied
      4. Danger Zone