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  • Red Vinyl with Black Swirl
  • Includes LARGE 24" x 24" band poster.
  • New Modified Cover Art for Vinyl-only Release
  • Multiple Color Options 200 Red, 200 Sliver or 100 Black. This listing is for the RED vinyl.
  • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, and Photos
  • Features Stryper Guitarist OZ FOX
  • One of the Top Christian Metal Bands of All Time
  • Inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame
  • Limited Run Vinyl
  • Audiophile Pressing from Original Sources
  • Hype Sticker matching Each Pressing

Now On Vinyl with New Cover

In 1986 Bloodgood released their debut self-titled album, produced by Darrell Mansfield.  The bands' sophomore album DETONATION (1987) was the bands masterpiece. No wonder they were inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. When you accomplish a feat that few others only dream of it becomes an overwhelming task trying to re-create that synergy and vibe for future albums. That's why most fail and we now use labels such as "One-Hit Wonders". Trying too hard to force it will only sabotage your efforts.  However in the case of Bloodgood's 2013 Dangerously Close, they came ever so close, or should we say Dangerously Close, to doing just that.  Sure it took 20+ years and many albums in-between, but pulling off what Bloodgood has done is no small task. Tell me you bought that CD 7 years ago, when it came out. 


With an album this great, it only made since to get it out on Vinyl the first chance we had.  Now available in 3 color options. Transparent Red, Silver or Black. It also comes with a LARGE 24" x 24" band poster, full color 2-sided printed inner-sleeve with lyrics and credits to those initial Kickstarters that kickstarted this album. Limited to 200 units of Red and Silver and 100 Black. Now all we need is our name in big bold letters since we kickstarted it to vinyl.  Just kidding, obviously.  We don't need credit.  Like you, I just want to drop the needle and rock this bad boy. 

About the Cover .... If you have the CD you'll notice that we put that amazing back band photo on the front of the vinyl jacket. Yep, it was too bad-a** to not do that.  That's a rock star photo if I've ever seen one. 

This is going to quickly become a collectors gem.  

Comes in 3 colors:  Silver, Red, and Black

Dangerously Close

In 2013 Bloodgood released their first album in 20 years DANGEROUSLY CLOSE which kicks off with the song Lamb of God which is a heavy tempo metal song showing Carlson's amazing vocals. This album falls between hard rock and heavy metal with a few softer songs that might resemble Messiah from the Detonation album but mostly real bangers.  Runaway is an amazing song with beautiful lyrics that weave in and out a little bit more representing the Rock In A Hard Place era. Production is top shelf quality. I'm a big fan of the song child on Earth because it has a bit of a different tempo. It's a little slower but it's a bit dark and heavy with minor chords showing that Bloodgood is not only good at their craft but they're also good at creating new music that doesn't sound rehashed older tunes. You'll understand what I mean when you hear the bridge of Child On  Earth. I'll let you just experienced that yourself. If you're wondering what Oz Fox of Stryper brings to this mix you don't have to wait very long. Because the song Bread Alone was written by Oz and displays his vocals in the background along with amazing guitar work but it's not just that song it's also Child on Earth, Father Father and Man-in-the-Middle. he crushes the guitars on every song.  It's truly amazing what he brings to the mix as a member, rather than a guest.  

Bloodgood Beginnings

Bloodgood formed in 1984 and originally consisted of Michael Bloodgood Les Carlsen David Zaffiro  JT Taylor with Paul Jackson joining the band In 1989. The self-titled debut and Detonation, the second release have been regarded as 2 of the greatest Christian Metal classic albums to date. While there were many challenges facing Bloodgood after their successful release of DETONATION their faith and determination kept them going. They were even more popular in Europe than in the U.S. for a time and traveled extensively to accommodate all the new fans and demands for appearances. Bloodgood has left its mark on the Christian metal industry. Every promoter, radio station, store owner or fan that has had contact with the band has found them to be genuine Metal Missionaries and committed Christians. Many of the newer metal bands looked to Michael, Les and David as examples on how to conduct a viable an effective metal Ministry.

Bloodgood reunited in late 2006 bringing previous Bloodgood drummer Mark Welling back into the fold and adding Stryper guitarist Oz Fox the lineup. Add that brings us to this mome nt.  Their newest album now on Vinyl.

Heaven's Metal had this to say...

It has been more than 20 years since the last BLOODGOOD album, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. Would it be fast and powerful like the earlier Detonation metal era, or more like the later and (more) commercial All Stand Together hard rock era? What would Oz Fox bring to the mix – will it have any hints of the Stryper sound? The questions bounced through my mind. Well, I would describe it as very much full-on BLOODGOOD, mixing in some of the best of all previous releases. Metal lovers should be happier that, overall, this album would fall on the heavier side, but not so much on the faster-paced side of some older tracks. Production is top notch, making every instrument shine (and no, it does not hint of Stryper at all). The sound is not at all thin like some of the older albums tended to feel; it packs a low-end punch, giving it a massive feel in comparison. Les still has the pipes to pull this off, and the band has lost nothing in the skills department. I feel this may be one of their heavier offerings, mainly because of the ultra-chunky riffs layered with the mega-heavy bottom end of the bass

Bloodgood was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2010. Even the controversial and all things music website BLABBERMOUTH ran an article about it.


  1. Lamb Of God
  2. Run Away
  3. Child On Earth
  4. I Will
  5. Bread Alone
  6. Pray


  1. I Can Hold On
  2. Run The Race"
  3. Father, Father
  4. Man In The Middle
  5. Crush Me
  6. In The Trenches