Fighter 4 Album Bundle (CDs) 2019 Bang the Drum, The Waiting, Demos & Hit Me in the Heart

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All four Fighter albums  remastered and include bonus tracks, unreleased songs and more. The Fighter 4 CD bundle includes:

The Waiting + 4 Song EP, Bang the Drum + 3 Unreleased Songs, Amy Wolter - Hit Me In the Heart and Fighter - The Fighter Demos (9 Songs)

    Fighter was a Melodic AOR Christian Rock band. They released two albums in the early 90's.  Fighter's first album THE WAITING was released in 1991 and BANG THE DRUM was released in 1992.  Vocals were handled both by Amy Wolter and Sean Murphy.  They played arena style rock with hooks and melodies that rocked.  Dual vocals proved to work great for them and provided dynamics not seen by a lot of other bands.  

    When you hear these albums you'll remember how good
    this band really was.

    Amy was co-lead singer of the Christian rock band FIGHTER. Originally released in 1994 this classic was overlooked by many but may be one of Fighters (Amy's) greatest works and this could have easily just be labeled Fighter - Hit Me In the Heart, however labels were known for creating solo projects, and Amy deserved it.  The album is a rocker, yep it has a few mellow tunes on it but songs like THE PROMISE really are amazing, not to mention the words are powerful and well written. This has a bit of a Joan Jett and the Blackhearts feel. Maybe it's because of the tough attitude that is demonstrated, and the conviction that comes out.  

    THE WAITING contains their original 11 songs, and will also include the bands four-song EP, which includes, RADIO MAN, FACE TO FACE, LEO and IRRESPONSIBLE EVIL.

    BANG THE DRUM contains the original 11 songs plus 3 unreleased bonus tracks, THROUGH YOUR EYES, FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE and JAMIE.

    THE FIGHTER DEMOS are being remastered from the original reels and include 9 songs.