Fighter - The Fighter Demos

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THE FIGHTER DEMOS are being remastered from the original reels and will include the following 9 songs. 

FIGHTER was a melodic AOR Christian Rock band that toured with bands such as Whitecross and Jet Circus. Their debut album THE WAITING as released in 1991 and BANG THE DRUM in 1992. This album contains the band’s original demos, three of which were never released until now (*). The other songs were eventually re-recorded and put on their debut album THE WAITING. They are demos but they rock in everyway possible. If you are into bands like Heart, Giant, Whiteheart or Ratt, you owe it to yourself to check these guys (and gal) out.


  1. Stop Look Listen
  2. Through Your Eyes
  3. The Waiting
  4. Mr. Nice Guy
  5. Running the Race
  6. Fighting Fire with Fire
  7. Do What You Want Me To
  8. Star One
  9. Jamie