Ken Tamplin - Wake the Nations (CD, 2021 Girder Records, Remastered)

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  • 2021 Girder Records
  • Released: Jan 29, 2021
  • 18 Songs
  • Legends of Rock Edition
  • Hard Rock / Metal
  • 6 Panel with Lyrics in Jewel Case
  • Originally Released in 2003
  • A Guitar Solo Shredder
  • Includes Jeff Scott Soto  Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Howie Simon Alcatrazz
  • Rob Beach Winger



Remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound). 6-panel with Lyrics in a jewel case.

Originally released in 2003 former vocalist of Shout, Ken Tamplin delivers every possibly conceivable guitar solo know to man kind on this album along with a host of axe-wielding friends, including Reb Beach Winger Howie Simon Alcatrazz Talisman Jeff Scott Soto Yngwie Malmsteen Vocalists Jeff Watson, Kee Marcelo, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen, Stevie Salas and others.

Tamplin is in great form on this CD. His vocals are are in great shape and sound superb - he keeps his singing in the mid- to low registers, where it sounds best. The songs are mostly along the lines of rockers Tamplin's known for being good at, while throwing in plenty of thought-provoking social commentary (We've Jihad Enough, Hare Kristians) and humor (Cell Phone Freaks, 7 Eleven People) at the same time.

God in Heaven delivered the blues in a more Clapton / Rez sort of way but then really kicks in with incredible guitar solos.

This CD is full of guitar solos, from a who's who list of guest soloists. Tamplin has perfected the Art of Shred (actually he accomplished this a long time ago-i.e. Shout's "In Your Face") and paints them into his songs beautifully. If you've been dying to hear some great guitar soloing, most modern bands simply aren't delivering. But trust me: you'll get an earful on this CD! 

At 79 minutes and 18 songs, this CD is worth every penny.

  1. The Story Of Love 4:47
  2. We've Jihad Enough 3:11

  3. Falling Houses 5:08

  4. The Man With A Plan 5:07

  5. Hare' Kristians 4:07

  6. Wake The Nations 3:56

  7. God In Heaven 5:13 (Great Blues Song)

  8. Peace On Earth 4:17

  9. Mystery 4:13

  10. Cell Phone Freaks 3:40

  11. Livin' Large 4:41

  12. 7 Eleven People 3:53

  13. Saints And Heroes 3:53

  14. Waiting For Your Love 4:21

  15. Every Day Is Precious 4:59

  16. Come Together 4:04

  17. Sing 5:17

  18. Freedom 3:52