Legends of Rock - Volume 1 (CD)

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Legends of Rock Vol. 1

  • 19 Songs from Legends of Rock™ artist/albums
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Girder Records has released over 50 Legends of Rock™ albums. Our commitment to high quality releases equals a musical experience that is second to none. Offering reloaded and remastered versions of classic albums from classic artists, most come with original lyrics and credits, as well as historical commentary and previously unreleased photos. Bonus tracks of unreleased material are frequently added to these albums enhancing the listening experience. Adding to their appeal is our dedication to providing listeners the best possible audio clarity. The Legends of Rock™, Volume 1 sampler will give you an aural journey through just a few of these musical milestones. 

1. Revolution of Mind (Mastedon - 3) 4:04
2. Hold Your Head Up (Twenty Twenty - Altered) 3:46
3. Inside Out (Geoff Moore - The Distance) 4:23 
4. Time To Run (HALO 30th Anniversary Edition) 4:04
5. Bang the Drum (Fighter - Bang The Drum) 3:29
6. You Know What's Right (Rob Frazier - Cut It Away) 2:55
7. Wasteland (Angelica - Without Words) 4:51
8. Feed Me (Ken Tamplin - In The Witness Box) 3:51
9. Breakaway   (Idle Cure - Idle Cure) 4:00
10. If That Ain't Love (The Brave - Battle Cries) 5:04
11. Shadows (Fighter - The Waiting) 3:24
12. Renouncement (Betrayal - The Passing) 3:37
13. Steal, Kill and Destroy (Liaison - Hard Hitter) 5:38
14. Keep Pushin' On (Angelica - Rock, Stock and Barrel) 4:47
15. Stand By Love (JAG - Fire In The Temple) 4:13
16. Soak Your Brain (Lovewar - Soak Your Brain) 5:09
17. Heartbreaker (Neon Cross) 3:49
18. Why Should The Devil - LIVE (Geoff Moore - Over The Edge) 4:24
19. He's Still Here (Twenty Twenty) 2:52