Liaison - Hard Hitter (CD) Melodic AOR Featuring, Oz Fox, Tony Palacios, Lanny Cordola *ARENA ROCK Def Leppard, Allies, Shout, Idle Cure

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All 3 Liaison albums have remastered and reloaded. Liaison 30th Anniversary, Urgency and Hard Hitter.

  • Release Date July 10th
  • Includes Bonus Track
  • Legends of Rock Series
  • AOR/Melodic Rock Masterpiece
  • Limited to 500
  • 6 panel fold in Jewel Case
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell

LIAISON'S finest hour is their 1992’s Hard Hitter, on which they adopt a hard rock sound similar to that of Guardian, Whitecross and Holy Solider. Tony Palacios (GUARDIAN) plays guitar on the album, along with Oz Fox (STRYPER) and Lanny Cordola (HOUSE OF LORDS). It's still very AOR with some ballads thrown in but overall their hardest release also touted by the name HARD HITTER.  Remastered to perfection by Bombworks Sound’s, Rob Colwell, and part of the Legends of Rock series, this limited edition release also contains the BONUS TRACK demo version of MY GOD IS A ROCK recorded 2 years earlier for the Power Team Soundtrack. 


Liaison was an arena rock band with big hair that was cast in the same mold as Allies, Def Leppard, Shout, and Idle Cure. Liaison was signed to Frontline by Brian Tong. Bill Baumgart produced the band’s first 2 album albums and on Urgency was even listed as a member of the group. Hard Hitter was produced by Tim and Larry Melby. The real core of Liaison, however, were in fact the Melby brothers (Larry and Tim), who grew up in a Christian home in Watford City, North Dakota, where they listened to Phil Keaggy and other contemporary Christian music acts throughout their childhood. The hard rocking 1989 self-titled debut features “You Are His Main Concern” which elevates the near perfect AOR with its metal guitar assault and a tasteful sax solo. On 1991’s Urgency, the group attained a grittier sound, rocking even harder than the debut – featuring massive background vocals and an in- your-face gospel message. The song “Friend to the World” incorporates elements of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”  The band perfected the AOR sound and dominated the radio charts with six hits off their three albums.  We’re pretty sure you’ll find a picture of Liaison next to the term “Ear Candy” in Webster’s Dictionary. All three albums contain sweet, sweet melodic hits with big choruses, charging guitars, and pitch perfect vocals.  All three albums have been given the “collector’s treatment” remastered to perfection by Bombworks Sound’s, Rob Colwell, and part of the Legends of Rock series.  We assure you these classics are must-have purchases! Limited to just 500 copies, get yours now. 

Christian radio hits: “Go and Sin No More” (# 9 in 1989); “The Way, The Truth, The Life” (# 5 in 1990); “Free Will” (# 9 in 1991); “Friend to the World” (# 14 in 1992); “Who Can Heal the Pain” (# 4 in 1993); “As Far As the East Is from the West” (# 16 in 1993).



  1. Hard Hitter
  2. Attitude
  3. Up At Night
  4. Steal, Kill And Destroy
  5. Who Can Heal The Pain
  6. Whatsoever U Sow
  7. Wicked Ways
  8. Violent Burning
  9. As Far As The East Is From The West
  10. My God Is A Rock
  11. My God Is a Rock (1990 Demo)